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Consultation and Case Preparation
Every case is dependent on the facts that can be proven in a courtroom.  Whether or not you end up in litigation, you need to have your facts collected.  Gathering information is critical whether your case involves child custody, education, or a protection order.  We provide information, on gathering information and advice to put you in the best legal position for  negotiation and, if needed, representation.   
At Penelope A Boyd, Attorney, we take care to provide our clients high quality legal services personalized for their unique needs and intended to help them to reach their objectives.  To avoid unexpected legal costs, we involve our clients in case preparation and provide believe information, advice and representation to our clients. 
Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Going to court is not the only option to resolve  legal disputes.  With good case preparation, many cases can be resolved by negotiation or mediation.  This is an option not only before litigation begins, but it is also something to consider at points in time during litigation.  We provide good case preparation as well as the legal experience to give you an opportunity to satisfactorily resolve your case without going to court or without going to trial.   
Issues between family members do not always have to end in litigation.  Family conflicts can be resolved in mediation.  Mediation provides a safe environment for parties to discuss their concerns with the assistance of a neutral mediator.  Mediation can result in a court order or agreement that addresses the concerns of all of the parties at a cost lower than litigation.  Mediation can be used to decide divorces, child custody issues, family disputes over care of an elderly or disabled family member.