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Penelope A. Boyd, Attorney
Family Law and Mediator
Penelope A. Boyd, Attorney
Special Education Law
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About Penelope A Boyd, Attorney
The law firm of Penelope A. Boyd, Attorney was founded in 1980 and has been located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, since 1990.  The focus of our practice is helping families secure appropriate education services for children with disabilities and families in transition due to divorce, custody and domestic violence.  

Penelope A Boyd, Attorney is located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and serves clients in Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Lancaster counties.   
Penelope A. Boyd has over thirty years of legal experience and over ten years of family law experience in helping families resolve conflicts and move forward in their lives.

She has spent the past ten  years working with families, including families affected by  domestic violence who needed help with safety, divorce, custody and other family law issues.  She brings not only her experience as an attorney, but also the experiences of hundreds of people to the table to work for her clients.

Penelope A. Boyd is also a trained mediator for divorce and family law and for elder law and guardianship matters.
Committed to helping our clients and their families  achieve their goals
Penelope A. Boyd has been helping f people with disabilities and their families for over thirty years of practicing law.  In 1990, after the birth of her daughter, she assisted in one of the first cases brought  to include children with disabilities with disabilities with their peers in school (Oberti v. Clementon Board of Education).  

Since then she has represented families seeking  appropriate educational services for their children with disabilities, both in due process proceedings, and, if necessary, the courts.